What's the Difference?

Sub Ohm (DL)

DL DIagram.jpg

Direct-To-Lung (DTL or DL)

This vaping style is when you inhale the vapor directly into the lungs in one long draw. DTL vaping is like taking a big deep breath.

DL devices are operated at higher wattages than MTL devices. The nicotine strength for DL vaping tends to be much lower because it is softer on the throat and you are inhaling far more vapor per draw then a low wattage device. ​

Traditional MTL

MTL Diagram.jpg

Mouth to Lung Hit Vaping (MTL)

​This vaping style is the same as you would draw smoke from a traditional cigarette.

This method of inhaling is when you suck the vapor into your mouth first, remove the device from your mouth and take a second inhalation down into you lungs

Salt Nic

Salt vs Freebase.jpg


Nicotine salts offer the highest nicotine levels with a softer throat hit due to its treatment of Benzoic acid to lower the pH/alkalinity level.

Salts are often favored by the 2 -3 pack at day smoker and are typically vaped on low wattage devices i.e. JUUL, Suorin, NORD, etc.

*NOTE: Typically people use low nicotine strengths for SubOhm (DL) vaping on high wattage coils/devices and high nicotine strengths for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping on low wattage coils/devices.