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Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Landmark Legislation to Ban Vaccine Passports and Stem Government Overreach

On May 3, 2021, in News Releases, by Staff

St. Petersburg, Fla. – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis was joined by local legislators and small business owners in St. Petersburg where he signed Senate Bill (SB) 2006, landmark legislation aimed at stemming the tide of local and state government overreach. The bill takes aim at arbitrary lockdowns, vaccine passports and enhances emergency preparedness for future […]

We are dedicated to providing a healthy and clean work and shopping environment. We have instituted plans and policy including but not limited to the following protocols.


  • Providing PPE and sanitizing equipment for employees and customers at no cost

  • Providing remote shopping alternatives such as curbside and limited delivery

  • Implemented a barrier shield at all registers

  • Temporarily suspended in house testing tanks

  • Conduct frequent workplace hazard assessments

  • Implemented multiple daily sanitizing and cleaning protocols

  • Protecting our products from unsupervised customer contact

  • Posted visual social distancing and facial protection guidance

  • Actively encourage sick employees to stay at home

  • Conduct daily employee health checks

  • Offer vulnerable employees duties that minimize their contact and exposure

  • Increased ventilation rates, filter changes and dehumidification

  • Established policies and protocols for maintaining social distancing including signs

  • Urge customers to utilize their own face covering to reduce contact risk

  • Identifying how and where exposure can occur

  • Established protocols in case an employee is confirmed or suspected to be a carrier

  • Encourage employees with a sick family member to stay home

  • Providing employee training including but not limited to

    • General hygiene

    • Covid symptom identification

    • Cleaning and disinfection procedures

    • When, where and how to use face coverings and other PPE

    • Social distancing procedures

    • Methods for managing elevated stress associated with Covid

    • Healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the “new norm”

    • Identifying potential hazards

    • Assigned job tasks and duties to guarantee standards

    • Employee to employee contact guidelines

    • Employee to customer contact guidelines

    • Education on how employees can protect themselves